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Leaving our lockdown nests....

Staying inside for the past two years, we all seem to have grown into our own little cocoons of space, and gotten used to being alone. Personally, I’ve gotten used to waking up later and taking classes from my bed wrapped in a blanket. Now that things are slightly getting back to normal, with the gradual return to on-campus school and in-person classes, It is completely normal to feel stressed and anxious, and there is definitely some adjustment for all of us ahead.

It is important for us to take some steps towards normalcy. Be empathetic with yourself- start small, and get used to meeting people slowly. Set realistic expectations for yourself, communicate openly, and most importantly, reflect on your own behaviour.

Here are some tips to help yourself adjust and cope with any anxiety that the return to normalcy can bring:

Recognize and acknowledge your emotions

With the inescapable change and uncertainty that comes with returning to work/school, it's crucial to anticipate and not be shocked by feelings of anxiousness. When faced with these kinds of changes, anxiety is natural, and it's not a sign that something is wrong or dangerous for you. Keep in mind that it will pass, and there are services available to assist you in dealing with it.

Plan and be prepared

While you can't predict how things will go, there are a lot of things you can manage, and planning beforehand can help you reclaim control. Is there anything about your pre-pandemic routine that you want to change, and if so, how will you prepare for this new routine?

Try to focus on the bright side

While it's natural for us to focus on the negative at times, it's also crucial to recall the better parts of in-person set-ups. Was there a fond memory of a meeting? A moment with some friends? Remembering what brought you delight in the past each day helps make the shift simpler.

Be aware and considerate of others

The pandemic has taught us that everyone's degree of comfort and safety is varied, and the change will affect us all differently. It's necessary to try to be more empathetic and understanding of others along with yourself.

Lastly, reach out for help!!

You're not alone in this journey! And it's completely okay to ask for help :)

Stress can induce symptoms like sweaty palms, stomach aches, increased nightmares and higher heart rates, and if these symptoms stay for over two weeks, reach out to a counsellor. Too much or little sleep, significant changes in weight and thoughts of hurting yourself are all signs to reach out for help.

Begin Again India is always here for you, do reach out to book a session!!

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