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Group Therapy at Begin Again

Group Therapy at Begin Again is specially designed to provide a safe, understanding, and supportive environment where you can explore the tumultuous sea of feelings, behaviours, and thoughts. Our group therapy sessions aim to give you the tools to sail these waters more easily. We also offer something equally important—community. Here, you are not alone. You’re part of a supportive group of individuals learning, growing, and journeying together.

Group Therapy focused on Emotion Management.

Our Emotion Management Therapy Group is a therapeutic platform designed to help individuals navigate the complexities of their emotions, developing skills and strategies for better emotional health.

What to expect 

You can expect a supportive, non-judgmental environment where they can share their experiences and learn from others.  Each session will be guided by Rebecca, Divya, and Navya who will facilitate the process and provide professional insights and guidance.  Each session will last for 90 minutes.

The typical session may involve:

  1. Discussion and sharing: This is a safe space for expressing your feelings and experiences without fear of judgment. You might gain fresh insights into your emotional patterns, triggers, and strategies for managing difficult emotions through sharing.

  2. Skill-building exercises are practical exercises designed to improve your emotional regulation skills. They may include mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, and stress management techniques.

  3. Peer Support: Group members can provide a unique, insightful, and validating perspective. This supportive environment can aid in the normalization of your experiences and the development of healthy emotional responses.


Who Is This For?

Our Emotional Management Group Therapy is open to anyone aged 18 and above looking for a supportive environment to learn about and better manage their emotions. This could include individuals dealing with emotional challenges related to stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationships, or simply those who wish to enhance their emotional intelligence.

How many sessions will be conducted?

This Emotion Management Group is for 10 sessions.  Each session will last for 90 minutes.

When will it start?

This group starts on 29th July 2023 (Saturday) at 10 am IST and will continue to meet every Saturday after that for 10 weeks till 30th September.  The last date to sign up is the 20th of July.  

How much will it cost?

The Emotion Management Therapy Group costs INR 1500/- per session with INR 500/- registration fee.  The registration fee includes a Group Therapy Journal which will be posted to you before group therapy starts. 


Join Us

If you’re ready to journey with us and explore the richness of your emotional landscape, we would love to welcome you. Feel free to contact us for further information by emailing us at  You can book your seat here.


Remember, it’s okay to seek help, and it’s okay to want to learn more about yourself. Emotions are a part of us, not something we must fear or suppress. Come, let’s navigate these waters together.

Our Team of Group Therapists

Group therapy at Begin Again Counselling and Care provides comprehensive mental health services with a team of experienced professionals.  We strive and are passionate about helping people achieve their potential and develop the skills to overcome life’s challenges.

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