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Begin Again

Begin Again Counseling is open to everyone looking for support and therapy.  Our vision at Begin Again is to see people get a fresh start and live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.  We believe that counselling and support will help you achieve that wholeness.

Our services are versatile, and we can adjust to accommodate your needs and time constraints.  We provide video and phone sessions.


Individual counselling is available to you if you are dealing with issues like work stress, low self-esteem, feelings of depression, relationship difficulties, behavioural issues, and difficulties managing emotions.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is recognised as an effective and successful treatment for trauma by the APA (American Psychiatric Association) and the WHO ( World Health Organisation), and the Department of Defence.  

We all experience different degrees and kinds of trauma, and EMDR is available for you to heal from these wounds.  


Couples Therapy is designed for partners looking to understand each other better, love each other better and nurture their relationship. 

Couples Therapy can be for all couples, regardless of the intensity of the issues.  

Blog Posts


"Each one of us as humans we have got our own battles and struggles. Sometimes the struggles are so over powering we feel helpless, lost, broken and negativity takes over.

I was in such a situation in 2016, almost everything was taken away was literally in the streets. It took a lot of emotional beating within. Didn't know how to handle those. It started affecting my health and my work.

I know I needed help to get better. I found few therapists in the city, but I couldn't connect with them and it didn't work well due to unavailability.

A friend of mine recommend Ms. Rebecca, I still remember our first session in 2017, it was such a great feeling to express and let your struggles to a person who would understand, respect, and listen. We agreed to work together towards emotional healing.

Ever since, I drive 40 kms to keep our sessions. Today I am much better than how I used to be with lots of positive thoughts and able to fight my battles with confidence.

She has been helping me to see things differently and handle differently. I have come a long way from where we started.

If you are looking for a good therapist. I strongly recommend her. Give a try."


Hi, I’m glad to share my journey with Navya Ma’am who stayed with me during my toughest times. 

I remember starting this journey in February when I was lost and low on confidence and that’s when Navya Ma’am played her role in helping me out in the best possible way she could!

To emphasise more on how the counselling helped me, I would like to mention the fact that it was a collaborative effort and the patience and calmness with which Ma’am handled my grief is commendable! 

There was not a single moment when I felt shy in sharing my deepest fears, insecurities and secrets and I truly respect the bond which has been created between us! 


"I had gone to Dr. Rebecca when going through some stress and was looking for counselling. She makes you feel comfortable and listens patiently, not too pushy or not too strict on you, she will understand you and not judge you. She will let you speak and get to the reason of your disturbed feelings, and teach how to tackle them. The mind exercises she makes to do are not boring but helpful I would recommend her for sure to people who are not able to deal with stressful thoughts or need some help or direction on life, she will surely help you out in a right and easy way. And the best thing for me was she being same faith as me, I got Biblical insights and Godly perspective too."


Feedback for Navya:  "You have been great at least for me the things I needed from the session was on point delivered by you and I really appreciate you patience and non judgemental counseling where I didn't have to think twice before talking

Feedback for Navya:  "Counselling, always gave me the inhibition, and majority of it stemmed from the fear of being vulnerable in front of someone. However this was not the same with Navya, because she is not someone who will judge you or belittle you. She gave me something to hold on to, and help me cope with my fears. After counselling is when I realised that my anxiety doesn't control me , and I am not what the voices in my head say I am."

"Rebecca makes an effort to understand the problem and listen. The advice she gave was apt and helpful."

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